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gemeinsame Meditation bei Wien Meditation
Promotion Wien Meditation Spaß Freude Liebe

Vienna Meditation

Vienna Meditation, is a quiet and comfortable place where you can rest your mind and body.


In our centre we use a simple 7-step meditation method that is used in over 345 centres worldwide.


The age of human fulfilment has begun, and at Vienna Meditation, we are very grateful to accompany you on this incredible journey to discover your True Self! 

Bring back your happiness

Are you curious about how meditation can help you overcome obstacles, manage stress and solve your problems? Learn how to meditate to find the solutions in this consultation! 

Thousands of people from all over the world have already found their true happiness through this meditation.
Book your free online introduction so you can discover the secret of happiness!

The gift of meditation

Herz Umarmung Wien Meditation

The origin of

our meditation

There are many meditation methods. The method we teach at Berlin Meditation has its origins in South Korea. It has been practiced since approx. 30 years worldwide. It is now taught in around 400 centres around the world.

Ziel erreichen Wien Meditation

The goal

of meditation

Our meditation aims to discover our true nature. Everyone lives in their own world of thoughts, which causes stress and a variety of problems. It consists of countless "images" (thoughts, feelings, memories) that we have accumulated over the course of our lives and that obscure our true nature.

Meditieren Wien Meditation

The method

Our method is simple and easy to apply - no matter whether young or old!

Through Self-reflection we recognize our own deceptive spiritual world and free ourselves from it. The method comprises seven stages in which the false mind world is released. Our mind becomes free, blockages are released, we come into Action and necessary Changes can be achieved.

You will find us in the middle of Vienna in the fifth district, Strobachgasse 5/1

We meditate daily on site and online. You can find the meditation program here.

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