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Berlin Meditation, wie können wir dir helfen? Kontaktiere uns!

Tel: 0650 7661530

WhatsApp: +43 650 7661530

Strobachgasse 5/1, 1050, Wien - Google Maps

Hours: Tue - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00,

Wednesday is closed, all online Meditations are still guided

You know,

That everything you've been looking for is in your mind?

The truth, heaven, happiness, success and health are all in your mind. 

We'll show you how to discover it.

It seems to people that they live in the real world, but they don't live in the real world because they live in their mind world that covers the world. Because people live in the illusionary world, their minds are not righteous and they cannot see the world as it is. However, if you become enlightened and live in the real world, you can realize the principles of the world and become a complete human. 

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