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Business Meditation

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace are no longer taboo!


Discover how our meditation method can help you to improve mental health, concentration,


productivity and cohesion within a team.

Advantages for the company

Investing in quality of life at work and employee wellbeing has become a fundamental requirement for employers because it:

- Reduces the cost of absence;

- reduces the risk of burnout

- improves team cohesion;

- improves communication within the organisation;

- improves employee engagement and productivity.


The meditation courses and workshops led by our teams will give you a head start in your field of activity.

Advantages for employees

On a personal level, the practice of meditation in the workplace is an opportunity for your employees to learn methods that will enable them to

- Reduce their stress and anxiety levels;

- Improve concentration and focus;

- develop their emotional intelligence and learn to regulate their emotions;

- Reduce their perceived workload;

- increase their resilience.

Lachende Arbeitskollegen

We bring meditation to the workplace

More and more companies are focussing on the well-being of their employees to support them in their various tasks and find solutions to their everyday problems.

To improve and strengthen their mental health, we offer meditation courses that are accessible to everyone.

Our different modules make it possible to achieve a specific goal or fulfil a need.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Reduce stress

Dozens of files are constantly open in our heads. Each one contains different priorities, different schedules, challenges and expectations. All of this can create a feeling of inability, lack of self-confidence or inferiority.


With a simple meditation technique, we can distance, let go and eliminate all of this.

Junge Geschäftsleute

Productivity & concentration

A clear mind is necessary to be productive.


To have a clear mind, we need to free ourselves from any obstacles that cause emotional blocks such as fear, stress, pressure, anxiety or conflict.


By thinking about our obstacles, we can let go of them and remove them in order to be more productive.

Team cohesion

It is difficult to create cohesion in a team between people with different cultures, opinions or even different experiences.


Our meditation helps to remove the obstacles to this cohesion. This makes it easier to work in harmony with different personalities.

Gemeinsam am Projekt arbeiten
Kaffeepause mit Freunden

Fears & anxieties

By reflecting on the stored fears of our lives, we can easily let go of them to free ourselves from the emotional impact of our past and live in harmony in the present.


"Fear of losing my job, my position, fear of running out of money, fear of not being recognised, fear of not being loved, fear of how others look, fear of being judged."

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