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Meditation Quotes: Abandon

Today, I want to introduce the poem ‘Abandon’. As you can see it suggests to give up attachment, discernment, knowledge, pride etc. At first glance, it may does not make sense, because these things define who we are. But, If we look deeply inside of us, we find that these ideas and constructs make one suffer the most. As an example, it is not about giving up wealth and prosperty, it is about letting go of the attachement towards it. Especially, when things do not turn out the way we want them to. This is painful. But, if we don’t attach to it and just do, we will see positivity in every situation. We can learn from it and be thankful for it. Thus, we can stay happy.

Moreover, if we have a lot of pride and always think we are right, we create conflicts with other people easily and are unhappy. In the worst case, we end up as a selfish person, who is not loved from anyone. But, If we have none of these elements within us, we can talk to everybody with respect and we learn from each other. To let go of everything we do not feel comfortable with, we have the Meditation Method about which we want to talk about in a Free Introduction Seminar. We hope you are going to join us.

Thank you,

Berlin Meditation

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